Thursday, 16 March 2017

Late February Chub Fishing

A beautiful late season chub!
With this year out being a busy one in the world of retail, with more hours at work than before, I have struggled to find the energy to properly plan a trip, yet alone even ready my gear over the past few weeks. Although I love chub fishing throughout the course of the river season, there is something about seeing out the season targetting them, when the chub are usually at their best condition and on their day, up for a feed! They have lightened up many a cold day for me and have always left me grinning at the end of my last few seasons. I think the most appealing thing about them as a species is the fact they come in all different shapes and sizes and possess everything exciting about a coarse fish. They can go from being lethargic to a pure product of gluttony through their shifts of mood, they possess exciting predatory instincts which will attack big baits and lures with ease, as well as having good strength and cunning when hooked.
A hard fighting chub taken from a slack pool on the feeder! (4-10)
Through the course of a few trips, it has been really nice to catch fish ranging from the 3lb mark to over 5lbs. The best trip of these was spent with my friend Simon Daley. Simon has had an exceptional season and his sheer tenacity and hunger to achieve his targets has reaped him some serious rewards this season. At the same time, he is a very dignified bloke who is very humble and modest about the serious captures that have graced his net. We decided on this given day to rotate between float and feeder, with Simon managing a couple of very well-proportioned 5 pounders. On the float, I managed to bump two very good fish indeed, one of which was a suspected barbel. Although it was disappointing to have lost those fish, I ended the day with some lovely fish over the 4 pound mark, on both float and feeder, which I was really happy about. It was very kind of Simon to invite me out, so thanks goes to him for an enjoyable session!

Tight Lines,

A lovely 4lbs 14oz chub

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